Researching NY Conference Set For Nov. 15-17

微信图片_20181129084636The researching New York conference had been held from Nov.15-17, in Albany, the capital of New York State and a lot of students and researchers took part in this conference.

This conference meets annually in November, bringing together of a lot of historians, archivists, public historians, graduate students, museum curators, teachers, documentarians, and more to share their work on New York State history topics.

And the American Historical Association Annual Meetings usually hold job fairs. Dr. Gao in this conference describes OAH Annual Meeting as “a mature and orderly academic festival” with glow of cheerful parties and social activities.

The conference beginning at Thursday, November 15, 2018. The people registration at 11:30 am in Science Library of University of Albany. And then every session will be planed and people can choose the conference they like to listen. The conference brochure can be seen in the New York Conference official list.

“This year the conference is pleased to join with longtime partner The Achives Partnership Trust to present an expanded conference exploring all aspects of New York State History .” The organizer of this conference told me.


Furthermore, the the Book Exhibit also showed in this conference. There were SUNY, Cornell and Syracuse University Presses, as well as the Hudson River Valley Institute, New York State Library and Archives. By the way to recommend some books related about the history.

“It was my first time to participate in an American historians’ conference which had several differences than academic conferences in China. I like their mission ‘For history, for life’ The work of historians should ultimately serve for the general good” , A Chinese history department student Shouyue Zhang from the University of Albany also took part in this conference and have a high comment of this conference.

“I attended the panel of ‘Women, Life, and Labor in Mid-Twentieth Century America’ which was give me a lot of thinking about the nowadays woman’s life and lead me what I do in the future ” The girl Jenny Miller, who was interested in history from Albany High School said that.

This conference had been held in a long time and be confirmed by a lot of professors and students, it give them a good platform to communicate and spread the history knowledge, and this conference will also be held in the future.

As we know, this year’s conference is sponsored by the university at Albany Department of History & History Graduate Student Association, University at Albany M.E. Grenander Special Collections & Archives, and the New York State Archives Partnership Trust with additional support from the Fenimore Art Museum and the New York State Museum.




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